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The last clip. What a punchline.

TheKursedOne responds:

Indeed zteagh by far had my favorite part

HOLY SHIT, 17 YEARS? I can't believe this also I can't believe the Peruvian squatter is still holding onto our domain name, it truly is a summary of the Lock Legion. Thanks for bringing back this classic.

Dying the whole time. ZTEAGH fucking hell, man, please make some more flash.

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I am a counselor for the elderly with dementia. This reminds me of an exercise that the local Council on Aging gave my co-workers and me. They put you in a room, with strobing lights. You are equipped with goggles smeared with Vaseline, headphones that play noise, shoes with prickles that emulate neuropathy. You had to do some chores in the dark, strange room, and that this was what Alzheimer's was like. I fumbled in frustration, a coworker sat on the floor, a coworker ran from the room crying. It is a truly horrifying experience.

Please, love your Alzheimer's family member. They may not remember you, but emotional connections are some of the last things that leave. They will remember your love.

Damn, nice coding!

I had no idea that you were so good at it. The controls are smooth, the graphics superb, and what can I say, it was just overall fun. Got to about level 3, but I'm busy, so I can't play any further. Fun for everyone, even those who aren't Lock fans.

Mp3-Lock responds:

I noo rite!!

Meh, I've seen better.

The game was all right, somewhat, but the humor was lacking immensely and the two characters at the bottom left, whoever they were, became a nuisance more than entertainment. Plus I thought guys like you liked to endure originality rather than continue the Wonchop fad. You guys haven't let that one go yet have you?

>> In my honest opinion, it seems the Wonchop bandwagon is the only way you wanna stay afloat. You got a lot of improving to do.

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I didn't know you had musical talent. Swizzy!

Madanimation responds:


This is Beautiful!

It almost brought tears to my eyes, in all honesty. It feels like there is a story waiting to connect in it. May I use this in an upcoming flash of mine? Of course, as always, I give credit to all NG music artists. ;P

kelwynshade responds:

Absolutely. Go for it.

I do have a specific story in mind for it, but it'll be a while until I get the time to actually put it into story format (It'll be a college project).

But yeah, I'm glad you like it and you're more than welcome to use it.

Absolutely Gorgeous!

It's the perfect song for a Christmas flash I'm making. It's absolutely beautiful, thank you!

Jesus Christ how horrifying.

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